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Everything you need to know to get your home financing.

Before you start to look for a new home, it is important to know your borrowing power. For a free, no-obligation mortgage consultation, contact one of our experienced Mortgage Loan Officers. With the most progressive mortgage solutions available, Stratford Residential Mortgage Group uses a highly professional team of loan officers, processing and underwriting staff to help streamline the home loan process. Offering an easy home loan process for you is very important to us. We hope you’ll be our customer we help for your dream home.

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Get Pre-Qualified

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What Is Pre-Approval?

A valid pre-approval must ALWAYS include accessing your credit report. Your pre-approval should also reflect the plan you haveestablished for your purchase.

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Secure Document Upload

Stratford Residential Mortgage Group knows that your personal data is just that, Yours. Our job is to keep that data secure. We have 3 methods available for you to securely get us the documents needed to process your mortgage.

  • In person with our Loan Officer.

  • Fax documents directly to the Loan Processor.

  1. Upload documents in our Online Portal after your Free  Registration, please click the Log In Button at the Top of this page.

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Loan Process Overview

What happens when you apply for your mortgage?

Applying for your loan is the first step in the mortgage financing process. This starts with completing a mortgage loan application with one of our Loan Officers. 

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